5 Most Creative Event Entertainment Ideas


If you’re putting on an event, whether that be a wedding, a party, a shopping fair or a fundraiser, you’ll need to provide entertainment! Of course, you’ll likely have the standard entertainment covered in the form of a band or performer, but if you’re running a large or long event, you should break up music performances with other interactive forms of entertainment to keep things versatile and refreshing for your guests.

This also means you can cater to entertaining all different age groups and tastes – don’t forget, it’s important to provide entertainment that makes everyone stick around, so provide a schedule that caters to extroverts and introverts, adults and children, males and females!

Try out some of our ideas below, choose just one or provide a few, you can go all out with them or just provide something simple, it’s up to you!

Demonstrations and Classes

People love to get involved with a little ‘Do It Yourself’, so demonstrations and classes are a must. They’re also fantastic if your event is about selling something, as they’ll offer a way for potential customers to interact with your product, and perhaps try before they buy!

If you’re running an event with a food angle, why not have a local chef demonstrate a recipe or technique your guests might be interested in learning. Another idea is to ask a dance teacher to show a group a few basic moves! Most teachers will offer to do events like this for free, especially if you allow them to give out marketing materials to the people they have demonstrated to.

A Fashion Show

A Fashion show isn’t just for a fashion event! Even though fashion shows are the ideal way to sow off products at wedding and fashion fairs, they can also be used to display a variety of products. Models can hold various products and show them off on stage, or you can even get extra creative like the chocolate festival which made dresses out of chocolate for a great publicity stunt!

Fashion shows can also be sponsored by local fashion companies, and can be offered as a VIP experience at fundraisers where guests pay for a ticket. They clothes can also be auctioned off to raise extra revenue.

Adult Teambuilding Games

Games and activities aren’t just for kids! Adults never really grow out of enjoying games, so why not try hiring some for your event? You can charge people to have a go to raise funds, or offer them free, just make sure they are attended for safety reasons (plus adults can get even more competitive than kids!)

Tasting Sessions

Food and wine events can offer tastings as a great form of entertainment. Try running sessions every hour, so your demonstrator can offer a more intimate experience for smaller groups. People love to sample alcohols, drinks and food, so it’s sure to go down well! Some great ideas include loose leaf tea tasting (if you don’t want to include alcohol at your event), chocolate tasting, and pairing sessions (how to pair a beer to a dish for instance!).

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are so engaging for kids – and for adults too! But the fantastic thing for event organisers is that treasure hunts help you send your audience exactly where you want them! Use a treasure hunt map to find hidden beacons in various sections of your event or at various stalls, chances are the hunters attention will be grabbed along the way and they’re more likely to engage with all the different offerings at your event.

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