How To Plan a Creative Business Launch Event

We talk a lot about corporate events here at ReInvent, but possible one of the most important events your business will ever host is it’s launch event.

Many businesses don’t bother with a launch party, but as customers and loyalty is one of the first things you’ll need to build as a new business, it’s really an opportunity you’d be silly to miss!

If your business is struggling and about to rebrand and make a change to boost itself again, you can also host a re-launch party to increase awareness of your new brand.

Here are some fun ideas for making a really creative business launch event that will make your business hugely memorable.

Create Awesome Goody Bags

You want to spoil your guests rotten so they feel like brand VIPs – and brand VIPs go on to become brand ambassadors – the people who will always tell people about your business, recommend you highly and use your products. Make sure you pick what you put in your goody bags carefully, it should be:

  • On-Brand
  • Tempting to Photograph
  • Easy to show-off

Being on brand is obviously important, so for example, if you’re running a fashion business launch event, think about what type of fashion you’re selling – if it’s vintage, you might include something retro and fun that starts a conversation, like a mixtape, or some retro sweets. If it’s a travel company, you could design a book of vouchers to look like a passport, or if it’s a car company, how about a cool bumper sticker? Business events geared to professionals can offer really useful free gifts too, like a branded USB stick. If they use the item every day, your brand will always be in their mind.

Freebies should also be tempting to photograph, because photos are one of the best ways to access social media. It doesn’t have to cost to earth either, but it could be exclusive to your guests, creating envy and a desire to be included in your brand. Try putting a business card in the goody bags too with hashtags and social media tags to get people sharing.

Lastly, what’s in your goody bag should also be easy to show off, if you really think outside the box and offer something really cool, it’s a great investment. If your guests get something they will wear all the time, like a free sample of your product, they’ll be starting conversations about your brand wherever they go.

Create Social Media Opportunities

As we mentioned before with the goody bags, anything that ends up on social media about your event is a great form of free advertising, and helps build considerable hype. You can create things like photobooths with props for Instagram – don’t have a photographer at the booth, encourage people to use their phone instead and to tag your brand in the photo!

You can also create cues for Facebook and Twitter, offer prizes for those who enter competitions online whilst at the event, or encourage people to try your product then share their thoughts online.

Pick a Great Theme

Your theme has to be coherent with your brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative if you’re not in a creative industry. Picking a great theme can leave people talking about your brand for months, and if it’s really successful, you could even make it an annual thing where everyone in your industry eagerly anticipates your event. It could be a ball, a cocktail party which is great for networking, a fun day or just a great day for workshops and learning something new. Make sure you have entertainment and food too if you’re hosting a long event!

Consider The Launch Event a Good Opportunity to Launch a Kick-Starter

If you’re a tiny business, hosting a launch event can be an expensive and risky thing, but you really should see them as a great investment for your brand. Try combining your launch event with a kick-starter fundraiser. Let people see the benefits of your brand and really experience your product. Give out links and information packs regarding the kick-starter too. People shouldn’t feel pressured to invest, but if you show how great your brand concept is, you’re on to a winning formula.


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