Event Planning Tips and Tricks

Kirstie-Ann Pimbblet

Planning an event can be stressful; there’s so much to think about in the run up, and so much that can go wrong! Luckily here at Reinvent we’ve run so many events we’ve got the planning and running own to an art. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you with events management?

In the meantime, we’ll get sharing just a few of our secrets…

Learning just a few tips and tricks when it comes to event planning can make the whole process a whole lot smoother, can incur less unnecessary costs and can make you chill out a whole lot more! So grab a cup of tea and get ready to make some notes:

Keep it Manageable

It’s tempting if you’re working for a big company with plenty of resources to think you can take on the responsibility of planning lots of events, but in fact, surveys show that most professional event planners (individually) only take on 5-9 events a year. That’s because they understand the hard work and time that goes into pulling off a quality event, if you give yourself too much work to do, you might end up managing, but by the skin of your teeth with events you haven’t been able to give your all to.

Understand the Budgeting Balance

On average, most event planners recommend spending about 25% of your total budget on the event entertainment, and the next biggest spend just behind that, is 21% of the budget on catering. Sometimes you can cheat this by asking food trucks to cater your event and have guests pay for the food direct to the food truck owners, this also gives your guests a lot more choice. You should then spend about 15% on marketing and the same amount on the venue, 15% on rentals if you need them, and the rest is flexible. Of course this formula won’t work for every event, so think about where you can save!

First Event? Try Kickstarter.

If you’ve got ambitions to start an event which is out of your personal budget, you could try kickstarter, which is a crowdfunding website. Before you set up the kickstarter page though, make sure you get some letter of intent from exciting vendors and performers who will be available on your chosen date, and make sure you’ve got the most accurate budget you can manage, because once you’ve got your money funded, there might not be an opportunity to ask for more.

To Ticket, or Not To Ticket?

Did you know, although a free event might be a good way to incentivize RSVPs, especially on Facebook, if you sell tickets in advance you will have more reliable attendees. Figures show that when RSVPing to a free event, only about 35% of people who said they would be attending, actually turned up on the day. When it comes to ticketed events, people feel more committed and obliged to attend, and attendance rates boom up to 95%.

Choose your Venue Wisely

If your venue is in charge of catering, the food should be one of the main points to consider. A recent survey said that diverse food choices mattered to 74% of attendees. So ensure you have at least three offerings for meat eaters, two for vegetarians (fussy meat eaters will often be happy with a vegetarian option), and perhaps an option for vegans, lactose and gluten free in advanced booking.

Location is actually not as important as you think, if properly marketed, an out-of-city venue can be just as effective and much cheaper than an inner-city venue, plus your guests will be grateful for the free parking!

Want more event planning secrets? Stay tuned to our blog!


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