Apprentice Trader Event

The Apprentice Trader

This is our flagship event and one which offers every aspect of a great, fun, content packed team building event. The Apprentice trader has aspects of the Dragons Den and the Apprentice all moulded in to one seamless, enterprising event.

The event looks at the marketing, managing and creative elements of running a business.

The event enables teams to work together as a team and play on various skill certs of individuals within the group. The events creations are often works of genius, with huge comical outcomes!

Business Focussed Team Building

The Apprentice Trader involves teams taking part in a variety of challenges:

  • Team will be creating a (often very silly) product and a company based around that product
  • Pitching to investors (the dragons)
  • Floating their companies on the stock market
  • Creating an advert and also completing a product launch, all within a few hours.

The teams are awarded points by us throughout the day for completing these challenges and then hired or fired as the conclusion.

Event Specifics

Duration: 2 to 4 hours
Number of people: 10 to 200
Setup time: 2 hours



  • A Selection of Challenges
  • A Host
  • Support Staff
  • PA System
  • Team Structure, Software and Scoring System



We also offer conference production, av hire and theming should you require this for your event.

Team Building Case Study

Team Building at it’s best!

SAS and Company asked us for team building ideas for their annual conference which was taking place at the fantastic Northop Hall Hotel near Chester. They wanted two activities on both afternoons of their event to keep everyone entertained and refreshed. Taking the onsite grounds at the hotel into consideration we proposed, and secured, a School Sports Day for day one and our Apprentice Trader event for day two.

For the Apprentice Trader we had the teams create a company, pitch their product ideas and then create an advert. We’ve been doing this a long time and their adverts were some of the funniest we’ve ever seen!

All in all both activities were a great success and we have since worked with SAS and Company on more of their events.

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