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Pub Games Event

This relaxed and fun team challenge is a great social team event. The Pub Games Challenge promotes group interaction through the use of classic games and a good ol’ pub quiz. The method of game play is to join up with a member from the opposing team, to fight it out on the likes of giant jenga, table football, pool and many more. After your skills have been challenged by your competitors, it’s time for you and your team to test your knowledge and flair in The Events House Pub Quiz.

As an extra why not add some classic pub theming to your event, such as a bar from where your landlord can host the event. This makes an ideal focal point, after all most of us feel a sense of belonging when propping up the bar. All your most loved pub games are brought together for you and your guests to re-live those (maybe not so clear) competitive nights down the local.

Pub Games go with Beer and Crisps

Games include:

  • Shuffleboard
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Quoits
  • Giant Jenga
  • Bar Skittles
  • Horseshoe Alley
  • Skittle Alley
  • Table Football
  • Tiddley Winks

(the beer is up to you to provide)

Pub Games Event Specifics

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Number of people: 20 – 200
Setup time: 1 to 2 hours
Req space: Room large enough room to seat everyone in a cabaret style – but an empty room



  • A Selection of Pub Games
  • Pub Quiz
  • A Landlord / Host
  • Support Staff
  • PA System
  • Scoring System



The Pub Games games can be hired individually or as a package. We have an amazing Skittle Alley game which offer huge corporate fun and competition.

Pub Games Case Study

Whitbread Pub Games Evening

In January we put together a Pub Games evening for Whitbread in Manchester. The event consisted of a selection of our Pub Games – Giant Skittles, Table Football, Air Hockey, Darts, Giant Connect Four, Giant Jenga, Quoits – and a Pub Quiz. The quiz was a mixture of general knowledge, sporting, music, pop culture, comedy, film and puzzle rounds plus a bespoke company round.

There were 65 guests taking part in the evening, which we split into 8 teams. The aim of the event was to challenge opposing teams to the different pub challenges working as both a team and on individual merit. To ensure maximum game play and involvement in the evening we decided to firstly open the Pub Games for two hours prior to their evening meal, then once the guests had been served their main course we started the Pub Quiz, this was followed by the guests having more time on the pub games until the evening closed at 11pm. At the end of the evening all of the scores from the Pub Games and Quiz were compiled and the winning team announced. The evening worked perfectly with everyone enjoying themselves and spending time networking with their colleagues in a relaxed environment.

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