5 Worst Wedding Trends To Have Ever Happened


Weddings are such a big thing now. We’re getting increasingly creative with our big days, and with so much inspiration out there in the form of blogs, YouTube and Pinterest, who can blame us? Back before Grace Kelly and other celebrity weddings, the event wasn’t as big of a spectacle as it is today; most of our grandparents would have been married in simple civil ceremonies; some of your grandmothers probably even wore their best suit rather than a white dress!

With trends like colourful hair, cupcakes and sushi bars, crazy dresses and animal ring bearers, our acceptance for the weird and wonderful has become quite the norm. However, there are still some wedding trends we look back on with a little dread… Let’s take a look!

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80s Puff-Sleeve Dresses

Yeah, Puffy sleeve dresses were worn by 80s icons and later, by Princess Diana, but those enormous clouds often overwhelmed the whole look and detracted from the bride herself. Team poofy sleeves with frilly lace, enormous skirts and cathedral trails, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

The Taffeta Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids put up with a lot to please the bride; Bridezilla tantrums, being on lipstick watch, helping the bride hold layers and layers of skirts while she goes the bathroom, but wearing taffeta was just a step too far. This stiff, often brightly coloured and shiny material was unflattering on 99.99% of body types, and often overwhelmed. Opt for something more free flowing for your bridesmaids in this era!

Gimmicky Wedding Dances

Aaa-ggggaaa-do-do-do! Or do not. Though it’s fun for everyone when you’ve all enjoyed too many glasses of vino to get the DJ to play Gangnam Style, how will you explain photos of you galloping like a horse in your wedding dress in the future?

Likewise, dances that involve floor moves often lead to irreversible stains and dirt on your white dress!

Funky Groom’s Attire

Do you remember the era of powder blue suits with ruffled shirts? I bet you want to forget though! They should go into a vault at the back of your memory along with bell-bottom groomswear, oversized retro cumberbunds and comedy moustaches. Grooms should be groomed and timeless, just like the bride.

Bad Wedding Entertainers

Elvis impersonator? Bad pub-karaokeist turned wedding singer? Band that’s repertoire only includes Ride, Sally, Ride and Brown Eyed Girl. Drop them. They might have been the entertainment of choice in the 90s, but you’d be much better off having an iPod hooked up to a speaker, then spending your budget on lawn games, hireable fair attractions and some creative catering like a popcorn or candyfloss machine!

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