6 Most Creative Wedding Themes for 2016

Planning a wedding is fun, mostly because you get to be so creative with it! A wedding is a celebration of you as a couple, so don’t feel pressured to have a white wedding if you’re colourful and unique. Thanks to the rise of wedding blogs and online scrapbooks, it’s now easier than ever to get inspired and find new and exciting themes for your wedding day.
Having a theme can make organising a wedding easier. You’ll stress less if you know what you’re aiming for, and have a succinct goal with your fashion, décor, food, entertainment and music.
Take a look at these 6 gorgeous wedding trends and see if any of them conjure up ideas of your dream wedding.



rose gold

Image Credit: Fab Mood
Rose-Gold is a colour that inspired a new hair colour in 2015, and now people have truly fallen in love with this dreamy and exotic shade. Carry the trend into your wedding in 2016 by dotting your bouquet with roses and peonies, adorning your table with brass, rosy dinnerware, and by choosing a rose gold wedding ring.
If you’re feeling brave, you might want to dye your wedding tresses a gorgeous shade of rose gold too, it’s quite easy to achieve if you just put a rosy toner or pink semi-permanent dye over golden-blonde hair.

Woodland Whimsical

woodland wedding

Image Credit: theweddingofmydreams.co.uk
More and more couples are falling in love with the dreamy, natural-look wedding in 2016. Perhaps it harks back to all the fairytale romances we read in our childhoods?
The idea involved outdoor settings, so a spring-autumn wedding is preferable if you don’t want your big day ruined by the British weather. Drape your venue with natural materials and dyed silks, flower garlands and twinkling fairylights; the bride should be crowned with flowers and hair worn down and flowing.
Another trend that goes well with this theme is ‘naked cakes’ – where your wedding cake has no icing, so you can see the sponge and buttercream. It’s a lovely look when the cake is then draped in flowers and fresh fruit!



Image Credit: The Huffington Post
Disney is having a bit of a revival, and it’s making us all nostalgic for our childhoods. Many brides want to feel like a Disney princess on their wedding day, so why not be literal and make Disney your theme? We’re thinking glowing roses under bell-jars, cakes like the ones in Sleeping Beauty, glorious gowns sewn up by a small army of mice… well, we can dream can’t we?


Countryside Chic


Image Credit: Rock My Wedding
Is there anything more romantic that a canvas marquee draped with bunting, filled with hay bales and lit with fairy lights? Add a Mumford and Son’s inspired band, sparklers and cute retro funfair games, and you’ve got yourself one of the most enviable weddings of 2016.
The idea behind this theme is to keep it simple and fun, and to strip away the expensive finery in favour of wild dancing, laughs and good honest food.

Vintage Fairground

vintage fairground

Image Credit: bridesmagazine.co.uk
Along a similar line is this retro theme; the vintage fairground wedding! If you love popcorn, candyfloss, hotdogs and sideshow games, this is the wedding theme for you.
If you want to keep this theme classy, spend time looking on Etsy and at vintage and antique emporiums for old signs, marquee lights, pretty fabrics and authentic vintage clothing. Gents will look great in dark red velvet and tweed, and the bride will look beautiful with hand-embellished details reminiscent of vintage circus costumes.
Hire wedding entertainment in the form of lawn games, cute critters and live music.



Image Credit: Weddingideasmag.com
Rustic doesn’t mean ‘set-in-a-barn’, necessarily, and although it’s quite similar to the countryside trend, it’s not quite the same! Rustic is all about vintage, beautiful salvaged items, bare wood and natural embellished with upcycled items. Think hand-picked garden blooms placed in old, slightly weathered tea tins, vintage doilies, mismatched china and homemade canapés and cakes!

So those are the themes we can’t wait to see in 2016, what’s your wedding theme if you’re getting married in the new year? Are you a trend follower, or are you trying to think up something completely new?

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